Kamee (uses she/they pronouns) was born in an immigrant suburb to an Armenian family by way of the SWANA region. They arrive in the world today as a mother and an interdisciplinary creative, producer, and facilitator. They have a BFA/BA in film and political science (Concordia University), an MA in expressive art therapy (European Graduate Institute), and an MA in community, liberation, eco and indigenous psychologies (Pacifica Graduate Institute). The bedrock of Kamee’s artistic background is in classical ballet and dance, theatre, and visual art. Their work is primarily collaborative, spiralling in-to and out-of fragmented time/place/being through ancestral reclamation, diasporic futurism, and radical imaginaries.  They have published both literary and academic work, internationally exhibited and presented visual and digital artwork, films and staged performances, curated art spaces and events, and facilitated workshops across Canada and USA. Most recently, Kamee has been working freelance under Saboteur Productions (founder) and collaboratively through Kalik Arts (co-founder).