Kamee was born in an immigrant suburb to an Armenian family by way of the SWANA region; and currently lives on settler land, uninvited. They arrive in the world today as a mother and an interdisciplinary producer, performer, artist, facilitator, writer, and storyteller. They have a BFA/BA in film and political science, an MA in expressive art therapy, and currently pursuing an MA/PhD in Depth Psychology with a specialization in community, liberation, and eco psychologies. The bedrock of Kamee’s arts background is in classical ballet and dance, theatre, and visual art. They continue to develop and build on a body of work(Saboteur ProductionsLovelinest) that spirals in-to and out-of fragmented time/place through ancestral healing, diasporic futurism and decolonial imagination — inclusive of film, performance, writing, transmedia, digital art and design.